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Hi friend! I’m Kerry,

co-owner of Pacific Peach Designs and a born and raised California girl. I’ve been doodling on homework and sketching on sticky notes since before I could write. I took art classes until I was 17 years old, but when I went off to college, the school had no art program. After getting a degree in kinesiology (lol, what?), getting married, and moving to Georgia with my husband Robbie, I found a job that started to scratch my artist itch- an art teacher at a private K-12 school. That’s where I  met Jen!


Hey y’all! I’m Jen,

a Southern girl from North Georgia, and co-owner of Pacific Peach Designs. I have always loved working with kids and helping people, so when deciding on a college major, nursing seemed to be the clear answer. One semester slapped that dream right out of me, and I ran to the teaching program where I found my people. After getting married to my high school sweetheart, Austin, I landed my dream job as an elementary teacher at a private K-12 school where I met Kerry!


We quit one year apart from each other to help our husbands in their careers as well as start families of our own. We both still had a desire to do more with our time, and I (Kerry) was currently struggling through managing my own Etsy shop, so I went to Austin and Jen for help. Austin’s idea? Bringing Jen on as my business partner to manage everything while I focus on designs and together, build a business - UM YES!!!


We have since rebranded Pacific Peach Designs from a haphazard Etsy shop to a hand-drawn line of stationery that celebrates YOU. We create what you need to stay connected with those you love, near and far, simply by sending a handwritten note. Join us in celebrating all of life’s defining moments!



Jen + Kerry

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